Wicked Pearl Diver

Manufacturer: Wicked Watch Co. | Price: from 199 CHF (£155 GBP, $210 USD) I always do a fair amount of research before agreeing, or even reaching out to a brand, prior to getting any watch in for review. When I first heard of this Pearl Diver by Wicked Watch Co., […]

Direnzo DRZ04 Mondial

Manufacturer: Direnzo Watches | Price: from 599 CHF (£465 GBP, $645 USD) My last review was of the Nine Four Successor, a sports watch with a similar aesthetic (from a distance) to this DRZ04 Mondial from Direnzo Watches. That’s as far as the similarities go though with these two, as […]

Nine Four Successor

Manufacturer: Nine Four Watches | Price: $299 USD (£215 GBP, €250 EUR)Disclaimer; I can only review what’s been sent out to me. You would think that most brands would go that extra mile to at least check the watch before sending it out for a detailed review. Nine Four Watches […]

SWC Bunker

Manufacturer: Swiss Watch Company | Price: $399 USD (£289 GBP, €335 EUR) I have reviewed a couple of watches from Swiss Watch Company, the SWC Diver and more recently, their SWC Sports DLC. I thought both watches were pretty good, but I always felt they could have done with a […]

ZENEA Ula Diver

Manufacturer: ZENEA Watches | Price: from $659 USD (£489 GBP, €550 EUR) For the life of me, I can’t actually remember where I first saw this Ula Diver from ZENEA Watches. I do remember however, reaching out to them, as the images I had seen of this snowcap white dial, […]

Draken Tugela 3.0

Manufacturer: Draken Watches | Price: $410 USD (£295 GBP, €340 EUR) I reviewed the Draken Tugela 2.0 back in October 2019. It was the blue LE model and I really thought it was a fantastic offering from Draken Watches. Its tool watch aesthetic with outstanding build quality, is very reminiscent […]

Steeldive SD1970

Manufacturer: Steeldive | Price: £105 GBP ($135 USD, €120 EUR) I’m not going to bullshit anyone that’s reading this review, but I’m pretty sure, like most of you, when I first heard of Steeldive, my thoughts were… no!!!! Here we go again, yet another rinky dink, cheap knock off, pile […]


Manufacturer: IRIDIUM | Price: from $399 USD (£289 GBP, €329 EUR) Before I begin this review of the IRIDIUM Torpedo, I’d just like to start by apologising for the length of time it’s taken me to get this review done. I’ve spent the last four days in bed feeling like […]

Matterhorn Divemaster

Manufacturer: Matterhorn Watch Co. | Price: from £190 GBP ($260 USD, €225 EUR) You might be thinking to yourself… Ah, here we go again, another fuckin’ NH35 powered bloody dive watch. To be honest, I thought the exact same when the owner of Matterhorn Watch Co contacted me, enquiring if […]

Traska Interview

Company: Traska | Founder & Owner: Jon Mack | Website: traskawatch.com Kicking things off in 2021, I’ve been planning this new series of articles for a while, where I interview the owners of various microbrands, with questions from members of the watch community. What better company to start with, than […]

RZE Endeavour Ti

Manufacturer: RZE Watches | Price: from $359 USD (£265 GBP, €295 EUR) As most of you should know by now, 99% of the watches that I review are microbrands. Sometimes I’ll get a watch in and more than likely, it will be their very first watch and I can tell pretty […]

Viqueria Tuono

Manufacturer: Viqueria | Price: from €349 EUR (£305 GBP, $415 USD) Before the cockwombles of the watch geek world start bumping their gums… YES, I KNOW the Viqueria Tuono is a homage to the TAG Heuer Autavia blah, fuckin’ blah… So please, shut the hell up! Sorry, but I had […]