Articles by: Will Duncan

  • Nordic Marine Instruments Østersøen

    Nordic Marine Instruments Østersøen

    Nordic Marine Instruments (NMI) draws its name from a harmonious blend of the founder’s Danish heritage and a deep love for exquisite everyday tool watches. The brand was born out of a desire to cater to individuals who possess a discerning eye for design, a keen sense of proportion, and a genuine appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship. NMI represents the perfect fusion of Nordic…

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  • Henry Archer AKVA

    Henry Archer AKVA

    The versatile design of the Henry Archer AKVA makes it perfect for any occasion, with a slim 10.5mm 316L stainless steel case that belies its ability to withstand serious diving of up to 200 meters. The AKVA’s colorful, versatile and totally unique dials adds a cool and very stylish touch to almost any outfit. With sapphire crystal front and back, wave pattern textured dial and premium Miyota 9-Series…

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  • Valimor Kilgharrah Giveaway

    Valimor Kilgharrah Giveaway

    The new addition to Valimor’s impressive repertoire, and one that is just as captivating as you’d expect. Inspired by the iconic legend of King Arthur, its impressive 60-hour power reserve, high-precision, and automatic movement are obvious attractions. They are all packaged in one of the most beautiful, design-patented, hand-tooled timepieces, making it a unique and precise timepiece…

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  • Nodus Sector Deep

    Nodus Sector Deep

    How far can the Sector Series go? The Sector Deep aims to answer that question. Without altering the core attributes of the Sector family, the Sector Deep has been re-engineered from the Sector platform to reach depths five times that of its siblings. It is the most utilitarian Sector yet and pushes the limits of this case architecture to the brink. Rated for 500 meters of depth, the Sector Deep…les.

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  • Circula ProTrail

    Circula ProTrail

    The Circula ProTrail is a true field watch, robust, functional, with high-quality equipment and finishing. The carefully hand-sandblasted stainless steel case is antimagnetic up to 80,000 A/m and protects the precise Swiss movement inside. Sapphire glass and a special surface treatment of the case ensure maximum scratch resistance. It was jointly developed with over 6,500 votes…

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  • Citizen Chronomaster AQ4020-54Y

    Citizen Chronomaster AQ4020-54Y

    While Citizen released the world’s most accurate solar-powered watch recently, its high-end Chronomaster is still a remarkably accurate and interesting watch that is most definitely worth knowing about. Promising an accuracy to within five seconds per year, the Chronomaster is not only strong technically, but adds characteristics more associated with luxury watches than the majority…

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