Articles by: Will Duncan

  • Norqain Adv Sport DLC

    Norqain Adv Sport DLC

    Manufacturer: Norqain | Price: £1,680 GBP ($2,200 USD, €1,980 EUR approx) As most people who read my reviews, they should know by now that I love affordable watches. Affordable being under £1,000. This doesn’t mean that I’m not keen to review watches that are on the more ‘out of reach’ […]

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  • Dificiano Marlin (2020)

    Dificiano Marlin (2020)

    Manufacturer: Dificiano Watches | Price: $399 USD (£305 GBP, €359 EUR approx) I reviewed the grey & blue prototype of the Dificiano Marlin back at the start of September 2019. I really liked the prototype and I remember the watch doing extremely well in my review. The Dificiano Marlin has […]

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  • SH Gin Clear Diver

    SH Gin Clear Diver

    Manufacturer: Second Hour | Launch Price: $385 USD (£295 GBP, €345 EUR approx) Well, here we are with the first review of 2020. Happy New Year to everyone by the way and thank you very much for your all your continued support throughout the last 12 months. Today, we’re going […]

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  • WOTY 2019

    WOTY 2019

    Zaltek Reviews – Watch of the Year 2019 After the controversy that came from my last review of the Égard Poseidon, I decided to try and balance things out a little and finally get round to doing my Watch of the Year article. Cherry picking just the contenders to make […]

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  • Égard Poseidon

    Égard Poseidon

    Manufacturer: Égard Watches | Price: $550 USD (£415 GBP, €495 EUR approx) For quite a few months I’ve seen more and more of these engraved bracelets and watches pop up on social media, so I thought it was about time I got one in for review. I asked Égard Watches […]

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  • Formex Essence

    Formex Essence

    Manufacturer: Formex | Price: from £710 GBP ($945 USD, €849 EUR approx) I’ve had my eye on the Formex Essence for quite some time after seeing the initial pics that Formex released quite a few months ago. I reached out to them, probably too early as I think the Essence […]

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