Articles by: Will Duncan

  • HELM Miyako

    HELM Miyako

    Located off the northeastern coast of Taiwan, the Japanese island of Miyako is ringed with white sand beaches and surrounded by crystal clear blue-green waters ideal for snorkeling and free diving. This idyllic Japanese island seemed the perfect inspiration for The HELM Miyako, which is fitted with the venerable Miyota 9015 movement. The watch also features a 316L stainless steel case…

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  • Revelot Admiral GMT

    Revelot Admiral GMT

    For the past three years, Revelot have been working tirelessly on the R10 project, with the goal of creating a battleship-inspired dive watch. Countless ideas were exchanged, and numerous prototypes were created until Revelot found the perfect design elements. Despite the challenges, Revelot’s passion for the R10 project remained steadfast and are thrilled to finally unveil the result of their hard…

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  • Pedral Monument

    Pedral Monument

    Pedral’s unique approach blends minimalist Swedish design principles with eclectic influences from various cultures and eras. This distinctive and vibrant style sets the brand apart from the competition. Adhering to the “form follows function” philosophy, Pedral ensures that each timepiece is as impeccably crafted as it is visually stunning.

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  • Traska Freediver Gen 5

    Traska Freediver Gen 5

    Five years of constant development bring the Freediver to its fifth and final iteration. While it may look similar to Gen. 4 at a quick glance, closer inspection reveals a symphony of aesthetic and functionality improvements that close the loop on a design vision that has impelled TRASKA from day one. A new locking mechanism enhances bracelet security, while the now fully CNC-machined…

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  • Liberum DMD 001

    Liberum DMD 001

    Designed in Italy, created to be assembled to suit your mood, the watch allows you to choose the color of the dial and case. You can work out the pairings you want, creating multiple configurations. The DMD 001 series is just the beginning of what we have planned for this collection. We are already working on experimenting with different materials (aluminum, carbon, etc.) as well as…

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  • HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    Inspired by the popular RLG Atlanticus Diver, the HOLMR Epifarer inherited the characteristic inner bezel design, yet refreshing it with a new purpose. Due to popular demand, we have implemented a 12-hour bezel to celebrate RLG’s followers’ love for travel. The inner bezel allows the Epifarer to track two separate time zones so that you can keep track of time wherever you go.

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