Steinhart 39 GMT 500

Manufacturer: Steinhart | Price: €690 EUR (£599 GBP incl Tax) I’ve had my eye on Steinhart for many years, but never actually pulled the trigger on one, as there was always something else that got in my way. Up until now that is. As I stated in my review of […]

Traska Freediver II

Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $375 USD (£305 GBP, €345 EUR (Approx)) There’s no question or doubt in my mind that I’m a big fan of Traska watches. I bought their original Freediver and reviewed it quite some time ago, where it received an absolutely glowing review. On the basis of […]

HELM Vanuatu

Manufacturer: HELM Watches | Price: $275 USD (€250 EUR, £215 GBP approx) There aren’t many watches on the planet that are that hard to obtain unless it’s a Rolex. Even then, the only Rolex I would like in my collection is a Rolex Explorer and I’m pretty sure if I […]

Zelos Swordfish v2

Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: $299 USD (€270 EUR, £240 GBP approx) I bought the original version of the Zelos Swordfish in 2018 and the only reason I don’t have it anymore is due to the fact I was offered more money than I originally paid for it. (#NoBrainer) Earlier […]

SeriousWatches, NL

Dealer: SeriousWatches | Location: The Netherlands | Website: I felt like treating myself to a new watch. I’ve had my eye on a NTH Odin for quite some time and after reviewing the NTH Holland recently, I knew I had to add a NTH watch to my collection. After […]