• RVLVR SD-1

    RVLVR SD-1

    Manufacturer: RVLVR | Price: from $339 USD (£250 GBP, €279 EUR) It wouldn’t exactly be fair of me to just continually review watches that I think are perfectly sized and suited to my wrist, hence why I agreed to take a look at this new model from RVLVR, the SD-1. […]

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  • Isotope Goutte d’Eau 🌶️

    Isotope Goutte d’Eau 🌶️

    Manufacturer: Isotope Watches | Price: from £379 GBP ($510 USD, €419 EUR) I reviewed a rather early prototype of the Isotope Goutte d’Eau back in July of 2019, when Isotope had only just started taking preorders for the aforementioned compressor style dive watch. Back then, the Goutte d’Eau was only […]

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  • Watch of the Year 2020

    Watch of the Year 2020

    Watch of the Year 2020 Writing this article and subsequently trying to pick just one timepiece and award it as my Watch of the Year 2020 was harder than a 19yr old’s boner in the red-light district, that’s full of 30 quid hookers eagerly awaiting some fresh meat! (Where the […]

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  • Lorier Hydra Series II

    Lorier Hydra Series II

    Manufacturer: Lorier Watches | Price: $499 USD (£370 GBP, €410 EUR) There are microbrands and then there’s “my top 3 microbrands” and Lorier is, without question, one of them. I have purchased quite a few Lorier watches since the company burst onto the scene a few years ago. Recently, I bought […]

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  • MMI Turret

    MMI Turret

    Manufacturer: MMI Watches | Price: from $279 USD (£210 GBP, €230 EUR) To be totally honest, I can’t actually remember if it was MMI Watches that contacted me regarding reviewing their upcoming Turret diver, or whether it was the other way round. Either way, two MMI Turret’s turned up just […]

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  • Second Hour Mandala

    Second Hour Mandala

    Manufacturer: Second Hour | Price: from $425 USD (£315 GBP, €349 EUR) I’ve been in regular contact with Peter Sargison, the owner of Second Hour, since way before the company had even produced their first watch, the Gin Clear Diver. I remember getting one in at the tail end of […]

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