• Gruppo Gamma DG-06

    Gruppo Gamma DG-06

    Manufacturer: Gruppo Gamma | Price: $950 USD (£740 GBP, €860 EUR approx) I’ve heard a lot of great things regarding the brand Gruppo Gamma and after chatting to them for quite a while, they agreed to send me out their second generation Divemaster for me to review. It wasn’t until […]

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  • Marloe Morar

    Marloe Morar

    Manufacturer: Marloe Watch Company | Price: £449 GBP ($580 USD, €525 EUR approx) The Deep Blue Morar from Marloe Watch Company is their first automatic dive watch that takes its insipation from the full spectrum of colours as seen in Loch Morar, which is a freshwater loch in Scotland. It […]

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  • Zelos v HELM

    Zelos v HELM

    Zelos Swordfish v2 v Helm Vanuatu Swordfish: Zelos Watches | Price: $299 USD (€270 EUR, £240 GBP approx) Vanuatu: Helm Watches | Price: $275 USD (€250 EUR, £215 GBP approx) I have recently reviewed both the Zelos Swordfish v2 and the Helm Vanuatu. Both dive watches at around the $300 […]

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  • Traska Freediver

    Traska Freediver

    Manufacturer: Traska Watches | Price: $375 USD (€340 EUR, £295 GBP approx) I initially reviewed the Traska Freediver way back in February 2019 when I first purchased the watch along with when I first made the descision to start writing watch reviews. Looking back, the Traska Freediver was actually the […]

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  • Raven Solitude

    Raven Solitude

    Manufacturer: Raven Watches | Price: from $430 USD (€390 EUR, £335 GBP approx) I’ve had Raven Watches on my radar for quite some time now as I’ve heard a lot of good things about the brand. I was initially eyeing up their Venture II so I reached out to Raven […]

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  • HELM Vanuatu

    HELM Vanuatu

    Manufacturer: HELM Watches | Price: $275 USD (€250 EUR, £215 GBP approx) There aren’t many watches on the planet that are that hard to obtain unless it’s a Rolex. Even then, the only Rolex I would like in my collection is a Rolex Explorer and I’m pretty sure if I […]

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