Borealis Adraga v2

Manufacturer: Borealis | Price: $450 USD (£319 GBP) I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a white Borealis Adraga ever since the v1 was released. I tried to purchase one from Borealis directly back in the day, but I was just too late, as all the pre-order slots were […]

Direnzo DRZ04 Mondial

Manufacturer: Direnzo Watches | Price: from 599 CHF (£465 GBP, $645 USD) My last review was of the Nine Four Successor, a sports watch with a similar aesthetic (from a distance) to this DRZ04 Mondial from Direnzo Watches. That’s as far as the similarities go though with these two, as […]

Nine Four Successor

Manufacturer: Nine Four Watches | Price: $299 USD (£215 GBP, €250 EUR)Disclaimer; I can only review what’s been sent out to me. You would think that most brands would go that extra mile to at least check the watch before sending it out for a detailed review. Nine Four Watches […]

Viqueria Tuono

Manufacturer: Viqueria | Price: from €349 EUR (£305 GBP, $415 USD) Before the cockwombles of the watch geek world start bumping their gums… YES, I KNOW the Viqueria Tuono is a homage to the TAG Heuer Autavia blah, fuckin’ blah… So please, shut the hell up! Sorry, but I had […]

Lorier Hydra Series II

Manufacturer: Lorier Watches | Price: $499 USD (£370 GBP, €410 EUR) There are microbrands and then there’s “my top 3 microbrands” and Lorier is, without question, one of them. I have purchased quite a few Lorier watches since the company burst onto the scene a few years ago. Recently, I bought […]

Second Hour Mandala

Manufacturer: Second Hour | Price: from $425 USD (£315 GBP, €349 EUR) I’ve been in regular contact with Peter Sargison, the owner of Second Hour, since way before the company had even produced their first watch, the Gin Clear Diver. I remember getting one in at the tail end of […]

Atticus Icarus

Manufacturer: Atticus Watches | Price: $675 USD (Pre-Order: approx $400) As highly anticipated watch releases go, the Icarus from Atticus Watches has got to be right up there for me. I first heard about this pilot watch at the tail end of 2019. Rusty, the owner, was planning to have […]

Relio Solstice

Manufacturer: Relio Watches | Price: from $375 USD (£285 GBP, €315 EUR) Well, it’s yet another find on Instagram with this one. I hadn’t even heard of Relio Watches before, so I decided to do some research before reaching out to the brand. As it turns out, the brand is […]

Marc & Sons Elegance

Manufacturer: Marc & Sons | Price: €680 EUR (£610 GBP, $805 USD) I’ve had Marc & Sons on my radar for quite some time now, and although I’ve never actually got round to getting one in for review, whether it be one of their professional divers, or something a little […]


Manufacturer: ALCADUS | Price: $627 USD (£495 GBP, €539 EUR) If my memory serves me correctly, I first started chatting to Yook Hong, the owner of ALCADUS, way back when the Opus 39 was only in the initial design stage. Continually keeping in contact and following the progress with huge […]


Manufacturer: Swiss Watch Company | Price: $389 USD (£299 GBP, €325 EUR) The long awaited Sport watch from SWC has finally arrived at Zaltek Reviews. I’ve been looking forward to getting this one in for review for what feels like an absolute age. As most of you should know by […]