Axios Flagship

Manufacturer: Axios Watches | Price: $499 USD (£389 GBP, €420 EUR) This is definitely one review that I’ve been looking forward to writing. As soon as I heard that Axios Watches were releasing a follow up to their first watch, the Axios Ironclad (which was fantastic by the way), that I […]

Melbourne Burnley

Manufacturer: Melbourne Watch Company | Price: $850 AUD (£475 GBP, $600 USD) I’ve been aware of Melbourne Watch Company for quite some time now. However, none of their previous models were really my cup of tea. Until now that is, with their release of the Burnley sports watch. Is it […]

Lorier Neptune Series III

Manufacturer: Lorier Watches | Price: $499 USD (£390 GBP, €439 EUR) There are only a fraction of microbrands out there that have gained so much popularity, that it becomes increasingly more difficult to just go ahead and buy one. Zelos and Helm are definitely two of those brands, with the third […]

Sinn 556i

Manufacturer: Sinn | Price: €1,140 EUR (£995 GBP, $1,240 USD (Approx)) Yet again, my good friend Dennis Kwok has come to the rescue and sent me his Sinn 556i to review. I’ve had Sinn on my radar for years and although I’ve tried to source one for review, I’ve had […]

Traska Freediver II

Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $375 USD (£305 GBP, €345 EUR (Approx)) There’s no question or doubt in my mind that I’m a big fan of Traska watches. I bought their original Freediver and reviewed it quite some time ago, where it received an absolutely glowing review. On the basis of […]

Hamtun Nanok

Manufacturer: Hamtun | Price: £445 GBP ($520 USD, €480 EUR (approx)) As I stated last month in my Phantom Caleuche review, (a sister brand of Hamtun) is I’ve had Hamtun on my radar for an absolute age! I originally backed their campaign on Kickstarter back in March 2019 of their […]

Phantom Caleuche

Manufacturer: Phantom Watch Co | Price: from £159 GBP ($205 USD, €185 EUR approx) I’ve had Hamtun Watches on my radar for an absolute age! I originally backed their campaign on Kickstarter back in March 2019 of their Kraken H2, right up to the very last minute, however I decided […]

Norqain Adv Sport DLC

Manufacturer: Norqain | Price: £1,680 GBP ($2,200 USD, €1,980 EUR approx) As most people who read my reviews, they should know by now that I love affordable watches. Affordable being under £1,000. This doesn’t mean that I’m not keen to review watches that are on the more ‘out of reach’ […]

Dificiano Marlin (2020)

Manufacturer: Dificiano Watches | Price: $399 USD (£305 GBP, €359 EUR approx) I reviewed the grey & blue prototype of the Dificiano Marlin back at the start of September 2019. I really liked the prototype and I remember the watch doing extremely well in my review. The Dificiano Marlin has […]

Formex Essence

Manufacturer: Formex | Price: from £710 GBP ($945 USD, €849 EUR approx) I’ve had my eye on the Formex Essence for quite some time after seeing the initial pics that Formex released quite a few months ago. I reached out to them, probably too early as I think the Essence […]


Manufacturer: ITHYUS Watches | Price: $635 USD (£480 GBP, €575 EUR approx) I was scrolling through Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and all of a sudden I had to slam the brakes on, as I seen a picture of this ITHYUS Abyssi. I was like oooooooo, what the f**k […]

Roebuck Diviso

Manufacturer: Roebuck Watch Co | Price: $600 USD (£460 GBP, €540 EUR approx) Recently I’ve been more drawn to sports watches rather than my usual genre of divers. I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that sports watches are generally quite thinner than your average diver. I can’t […]