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  • Axios Flagship

    Axios Flagship

    Manufacturer: Axios Watches | Price: $499 USD (£389 GBP, €420 EUR) This is definitely one review that I’ve been looking forward to writing. As soon as I heard that Axios Watches were releasing a follow up to their first watch, the Axios Ironclad (which was fantastic by the way), that I […]

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  • Axios Ironclad

    Axios Ironclad

    Manufacturer: Axios Watches | Price: $549 USD (£440 GBP, €505 EUR) Today, I’ll be introducing the first watch from a new microbrand, Axios. You might be thinking, oh, for fucks sake… here we go again, yet another start up that’s made another dive watch using a sub style case. Well, […]

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