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  • Clemence Photic Diver

    Clemence Photic Diver

    The Clemence Photic Diver is designed and assembled in Scotland. The Photic Diver by Clemence Watches offers quintessential vintage style in a robust, modern form. We’ve taken an uncompromising approach to building a watch that will go from sea to summit with charm and sophistication.

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  • HELM Komodo

    HELM Komodo

    Tucked among the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, the remote Komodo island is home to the famed Komodo dragon, while the tropical waters surrounding the island are host to some of the richest marine biodiversity on the planet. Begging to explore these rich waters, the HELM Komodo features a 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, automatic movement, screw-down caseback and crown…

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  • Houtman Pilbara

    Houtman Pilbara

    Introducing the all new limited edition Houtman Pilbara Series; a rugged and durable dive style watch, no longer does utility mean discomfort – well finished, high spec, comfortable, a touch of luxury in a true adventure watch.

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  • MMI Turret 300m v2

    MMI Turret 300m v2

    There will be only 100 pieces of the Turret 300m v2 made. The Turret 300m v2 dive watch design concept is inspired by an “Iron-Clad” naval warship, U.S.S Monitor. Its warship technology was state of the art during its era, which transformed and revolutionised naval warfare…

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  • Nodus Sector Dive Redtide

    Nodus Sector Dive Redtide

    The Nodus Sector Dive is a reimagination of the skin diver – a type of watch used for diving that doesn’t require a breathing apparatus. With the Sector Dive, the perennial features of a skin diver (smaller diameter, Arabic numerals on the dial, shallower water resistance) are all retained but infused with modern styling and engineering.

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  • MW Timepieces Legatodiver

    MW Timepieces Legatodiver

    MW Timepieces Legatodiver – A musical twist on a modern-classic dive watch, never seen before! MW Timepieces spent years combining two passions into one, paying attention to the finer details fusing musical elements into our mechanical timepiece. Where art and sport collide our elegant yet durable timepieces were born. Unique timepieces, with excellent dive capability, a reliable Swiss…

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