18th January 2022, Tuesday


Circula SuperSport Super Compressor Dive Watch Review

Circula SuperSport

Manufacturer: Circula Watches | Price: €587 EUR ($680 USD, £505 GBP) There seems to be an absolute shit ton of these

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Borealis Icarus Pilot's Watch Review

Borealis Icarus

Manufacturer: Borealis | Price: $429 USD (£310 GBP) Borealis is quickly becoming one of my favourite microbrands. Carlos the owner, pumps

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Mitch Mason Maelstrom Super Compressor Dive Watch Review

Mitch Mason Maelstrom

Manufacturer: Mitch Mason | Price: from $449 USD (£325 GBP) So here we are then, the highly anticipated second release from

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Radcliffe Tsunami Dive Watch Review

Radcliffe Tsunami

Manufacturer: Radcliffe Watches | Price: $349 USD (£255 GBP)  I chat to Tayeb from Radcliffe Watches at the very minimum of

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