• HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    Inspired by the popular RLG Atlanticus Diver, the HOLMR Epifarer inherited the characteristic inner bezel design, yet refreshing it with a new purpose. Due to popular demand, we have implemented a 12-hour bezel to celebrate RLG’s followers’ love for travel. The inner bezel allows the Epifarer to track two separate time zones so that you can keep track of time wherever you go.

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  • San Martin SN0107-G1 v2

    San Martin SN0107-G1 v2

    Introducing the latest 2023 release from San Martin, the SN0107-G1 v2 Climbing Series, now with applied hour markers, logo and more vibrant lume! Is this the most sensible upgrade since the release of the original? Does this decision make it even better than the watch it’s paying homage to, the superb, but far more expensive Tudor Ranger? Let’s find out shall we…

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  • Second Hour Sattelberg

    Second Hour Sattelberg

    The Sattelberg is named after Sattelberg in the Huon Peninsula, New Guinea. Not much more than a large hill at 896 metres, Sattelberg was a pivotal campaign in which Australian troops played a critical role, helping to turn the tide in the Pacific theatre. However, it is historical memory, rather than celebration of war, that makes Sattelberg so important to us here at Second Hour…

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  • Unison Orbital

    Unison Orbital

    The Unison Orbital sports watch is definitely worthy of being described as a “conversation starter timepiece”, with its very unique dial kicking things off, the Orbital truly is a ‘spec-monster’, being powered by the very reliable Miyota 9-Series 4Hz movement, constructed with 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal and a fantastic application of BGW9 lume. Every single one of these…

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  • Monta Noble

    Monta Noble

    Among all of the models in MONTA’s catalog, the Noble is easily the one that offers the most refined and dressy overall appearance. While it is not an outright dress watch, the MONTA Noble’s diamond-cut hands and classically-styled dial with applied, highly-polished indices allow it to effortlessly be dressed up and worn in more formal environments. Wearing an elegant timepiece does not…

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  • Formex Essence ThirtyNine Space Rock

    Formex Essence ThirtyNine Space Rock

    The Formex Essence 39 Space Rock has an amazing meteorite dial that’s a natural material, making each watch unique! This Formex is limited to just 88 pieces worldwide. The watch features a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement that is COSC certified, ensuring it runs +6/-4 seconds per day and meets all the strict testing criteria of the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres…

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