• Top 3 Watches

    Top 3 Watches

    This Swiss-made dive watch is one of my three favorite watches of all time. Out of all the watches that I have reviewed since 2019, this 300-meter chronometer is most definitely in my top three! The other two are from a premium British brand and a large very well-known Japanese brand.

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  • Monarte Squid

    Monarte Squid

    The dial of the Monarte Squid is a pure work of art, representing one of the most time-intensive aspects of Monarte Watches design process. Their initial guilloché dial was crafted using a hand-operated lathe machine, and then meticulously replicated by a CNC machine to achieve the perfect structure.

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  • Fathers Evolution Horizon

    Fathers Evolution Horizon

    The idea of Fathers was born in the summer of 2021. Luigi Generali and Matteo Franchina, two friends with a passion for watches, decide to create a brand that represents the values that are most important to them: the family, the Italian craftsmanship, the quality of the materials and the intrinsic beauty that evokes an object of value. The Fathers man lives the present and dreams of the…

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  • Edward Christopher Manta

    Edward Christopher Manta

    The Edward Christopher Manta is a fully custom made limited edition dive watch for everyday use with some very striking features. It comes in 5 vibrant colours (with more colours to follow). The watch, that’s powered by a Swiss made Sellita automatic movement and has an internal bidirectional bezel. This is operated by the 2 o’clock colour-coded tube & crown, while the colour-coded…

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  • Nomadic Marai 401

    Nomadic Marai 401

    Nomadic Marai 401 2024 Edition Review. The newly revised Marai 401 from Belfast based microbrand, Nomadic Watches. Yet another homage of the Tudor Black Bay 58, but is it a sensible option at its current price point?

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  • Better Value Than Christopher Ward

    Better Value Than Christopher Ward

    Is this microbrand watch better value than even the Christopher Ward C60 line of watches, yet still offer the same, or even better level of build quality and finishing? Nearly every aspect of this watch screams value for money, especially when put head to head against the ever popular British brand.

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