• MMI Nor-Lights

    MMI Nor-Lights

    MMI Watches introduces their latest model, launching on 7th November – “NOR-LIGHTS”, also known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is a breathtaking and enigmatic display of colourful waves that grace the night sky. It entices travelers from all over the world to embark on long journeys in pursuit of witnessing this awe-inspiring spectacle as its paints the celestial canvas…

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  • San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT

    San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT

    Introducing the San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT. The watch features a 39mm stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and a gorgeous desert white dial texture. Also included is San Martin’s new milled clasp, with on the fly adjustment. The build quality and finishing is flawless, making this San Martin SN0129 their best yet and quite frankly, superb value for money!

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  • Clemence Munro

    Clemence Munro

    The Clemence Munro captures the essence of a true field watch – perfectly balanced, with everything you need and nothing you donโ€™t. The journey began two years ago with rigorous design, prototyping and testing in the Scottish Highlands. The result? The Munro, is Clemence Watches 37.5mm vision of the perfect field watch. A contoured 9.25mm case blends seamlessly with the wrist…

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  • Ikigai Maru

    Ikigai Maru

    Ikigai Watches are proud to introduce the Maru, a dive watch designed to balance both uniqueness and functionality. Ikigai Watches always strive to create something to inspire and has its own meaning. In simple terms, Maru means โ€œcircleโ€ in Japanese and it is often attached to the end of ship names to bless a ship when leaving port, travelling the world and returning home safely…

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  • Extropian


    In the world of horology, the pursuit of timekeeping perfection is an eternal journey, and enthusiasts and collectors alike understand the significance of owning a timepiece that transcends generations., a hub for watch enthusiasts and collectors alike, has taken this journey to a new level with its comprehensive watch database. In this blog post, we will delve into the…

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  • WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume

    WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume

    Introducing the WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume Special Edition. As one of Zaltek Reviews’ favourite microbrands, WISE Timepiece shows off their new take of the Hitman, but this time round, with a full lume dial. With a plethora of options, including crown position, lume type, different bezel and seconds hand colours, you can create a Hitman HIT66 to suit your style!

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