• Monta Noble

    Monta Noble

    Among all of the models in MONTA’s catalog, the Noble is easily the one that offers the most refined and dressy overall appearance. While it is not an outright dress watch, the MONTA Noble’s diamond-cut hands and classically-styled dial with applied, highly-polished indices allow it to effortlessly be dressed up and worn in more formal environments. Wearing an elegant timepiece does not…

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  • Feynman One Snowflake

    Feynman One Snowflake

    The Feynman One Snowflake features a white guilloche dial with dark accents, it is a standard release with a small batch of limited productions. Feynman Timekeepers was founded in 2018 by Yong Keong Lim (YK) in Singapore. The word Feynman is derived from the name of YK’s elder son Feynman Lin. Feynman Timekeepers works with a collective of collectors and artisans…

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  • Straum Opphav

    Straum Opphav

    Introducing the Swiss Made Opphav. A very unique dressy style everyday piece and first offering from Norwegian based microbrand Straum – Ripples on a lake. A glacier. The seabed. The Opphav dial captures the textures of Norwegian nature, holding a miniature landscape of ridges and valleys that glimmer in direct light, coming gently to rest as the light fades…

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  • Ugly Watch Co 100m Sport

    Ugly Watch Co 100m Sport

    Ugly Watch Co 100m Sport – UWC has given a facelift to one of the most iconic designs in watchmaking history, the “Sports Watch”. Not redefined but re-imagined, with a total of five Mother of Pearl dials to choose from; black, pink, purple, blue and this latest addition, orange. They have a little larger 41mm case than the 36-38mm cases from the 70s and 80s, to satisfy modern…

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  • Hitori Habuka 39 Snow White

    Hitori Habuka 39 Snow White

    Hitori Watch Co. or, “ひとり” sets out to be an independent brand that brings timepieces like few others – at a surprisingly excellent price point. Meet the Habuka 39 Snow White / Ocean Blue. This stunning watch grabs the spotlight with its incredible attention to detail that redefines the classic style unique to the land of the rising sun.

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  • Ovlo Manston

    Ovlo Manston

    Being Ovlo Watches first timepiece, they wanted to create an all-rounder. Something that would work perfectly in the office, on the high street, in the great outdoors, throughout that big night out or that cosy night on the sofa. The Ovlo Manston is the perfect all-round timepiece. Everything to do with the Manston’s case and design is bespoke and designed in house…

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