• WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume

    WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume

    Introducing the WISE Hitman HIT66 Full Lume Special Edition. As one of Zaltek Reviews’ favourite microbrands, WISE Timepiece shows off their new take of the Hitman, but this time round, with a full lume dial. With a plethora of options, including crown position, lume type, different bezel and seconds hand colours, you can create a Hitman HIT66 to suit your style!

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  • Fleddermann von Rieste Hanoverian

    Fleddermann von Rieste Hanoverian

    The sleek lines of the Fleddermann von Rieste Hanoverian draws inspiration from the unfailing performance and speed of the legendary breed. The center of The Hanoverian is a 41mm polished medical grade 316 stainless steel case. This angular case delivers a profile curtained to bring attention and admiration, not unlike the famed city and stallions whose name it bears. The brushed…

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  • Hitori Yoshino Snowdrift

    Hitori Yoshino Snowdrift

    Known for their blend of traditional, modern craftsmanship and oriental East-Asian design, Hitori or, “ひとり” basically stands for “一人” which further means “one person” in Japanese. With the name in mind, you get a sense of what’s coming from Hitori Watch Co and their latest limited edition release (1 of only 70 pieces worldwide), the Hitori Yoshino Snowdrift White Limited Edition…

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  • San Martin SN0121GB

    San Martin SN0121GB

    Introducing the San Martin SN0121GB, in collaboration with watchdives.com. The watch pays homage to the Tudor Pelagos, but with a few minor alterations. Featuring a 39mm stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and a much preferred date at the 6 o’clock position. Also included is San Martin’s new milled clasp, with on the fly adjustment. Making the San Martin SN0121GB superb value for money…

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  • Newmark 71 Sports Classic

    Newmark 71 Sports Classic

    The 2023 Newmark 71 Sport Classic reimagines a classic design from decades past, which Newmark have updated, upgraded, refined and upsized. Once again, they delved into the Newmark back-catalogue and produced a wonderfully updated version of a classic design. Newmark are pretty fussy about how things are done and so when it came to the Newmark 71 they didn’t want to cut …

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  • Gavox Longitude GMT

    Gavox Longitude GMT

    Introducing the Gavox Longitude GMT. Exploring the open seas has long been an adventure that only the bravest dared to take. This was due to the difficulty of accurately determining the ship‘s position. However, over the centuries, technology has developed to make this task easier. This Gavox Longitude pays tribute to the pioneering explorers of the past with its true GMT function.

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