• RZE Resolute Pro

    RZE Resolute Pro

    Introducing the RZE Resolute Pro; the most refined iteration of RZE’s titanium field watch that started it all. Crafted from ultra-durable, lightweight titanium, beautifully brushed and coated with their proprietary UltraHex coating. The Resolute Pro features an upgraded bracelet with ‘on-the-fly’ micro adjustment and a breathtaking enamel dial. Adding interest and depth, you’ll be mesmerized…

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  • Cestrian Dive v2 & Field Series

    Cestrian Dive v2 & Field Series

    A Cestrian timepiece is not just another watch, it is a part of you. The journey of design and craftsmanship that informs which timepiece is right for you lets you set the benchmark for fashion at an affordable price. As Chester-based watch brand Cestrian Watches approach their second year of trade, the brand aims to double down on its mantra of affordability without compromising quality…

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  • Clemence Munro

    Clemence Munro

    The Clemence Munro captures the essence of a true field watch – perfectly balanced, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. The journey began two years ago with rigorous design, prototyping and testing in the Scottish Highlands. The result? The Munro, is Clemence Watches 37.5mm vision of the perfect field watch. A contoured 9.25mm case blends seamlessly with the wrist…

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  • Circula ProTrail

    Circula ProTrail

    The Circula ProTrail is a true field watch, robust, functional, with high-quality equipment and finishing. The carefully hand-sandblasted stainless steel case is antimagnetic up to 80,000 A/m and protects the precise Swiss movement inside. Sapphire glass and a special surface treatment of the case ensure maximum scratch resistance. It was jointly developed with over 6,500 votes…

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  • San Martin SN0107-G1 v2

    San Martin SN0107-G1 v2

    Introducing the latest 2023 release from San Martin, the SN0107-G1 v2 Climbing Series, now with applied hour markers, logo and more vibrant lume! Is this the most sensible upgrade since the release of the original? Does this decision make it even better than the watch it’s paying homage to, the superb, but far more expensive Tudor Ranger? Let’s find out shall we…

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  • Second Hour Sattelberg

    Second Hour Sattelberg

    The Sattelberg is named after Sattelberg in the Huon Peninsula, New Guinea. Not much more than a large hill at 896 metres, Sattelberg was a pivotal campaign in which Australian troops played a critical role, helping to turn the tide in the Pacific theatre. However, it is historical memory, rather than celebration of war, that makes Sattelberg so important to us here at Second Hour…

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