• Nodus Contrail GMT

    Nodus Contrail GMT

    The Nodus Contrail GMT takes the essence of its predecessors and elevates it with a sleek and versatile design. Leaning into Nodus’ dedication for efficient design, the redesigned case offers one of the thinnest profiles for a Miyota 9075 watch on the market today. Designed for a comfortable fit on the wrist, the Contrail GMT ensures that style doesn’t compromise functionality.

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  • Waldhoff Atlas GMT

    Waldhoff Atlas GMT

    The Atlas GMT is Waldhoff’s 2nd ever dive watch after the very well received Seawolf. It is a purpose driven design, where functionality and readability are elevated even in murky waters, thanks to its top grade Swiss luminous pigment. At its core beats a brand new Seiko NH34 GMT movement, a highly reliable Japanese caliber. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, which is the ‘zero hour’…

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  • San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT

    San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT

    Introducing the San Martin SN0129 Desert White GMT. The watch features a 39mm stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and a gorgeous desert white dial texture. Also included is San Martin’s new milled clasp, with on the fly adjustment. The build quality and finishing is flawless, making this San Martin SN0129 their best yet and quite frankly, superb value for money!

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  • Gavox Longitude GMT

    Gavox Longitude GMT

    Introducing the Gavox Longitude GMT. Exploring the open seas has long been an adventure that only the bravest dared to take. This was due to the difficulty of accurately determining the ship‘s position. However, over the centuries, technology has developed to make this task easier. This Gavox Longitude pays tribute to the pioneering explorers of the past with its true GMT function.

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  • Traska Venturer GMT

    Traska Venturer GMT

    An increasingly interconnected world demands resilience, sophistication, and the ability to navigate multiple challenges at once. Thanks to an independently adjustable hour hand, you can quickly adapt to a new timezone the moment you land on the runway. And with an additional hour hand circling around the dial once every 24 hours, keeping track of the time at home has never been…

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  • Nodus Sector GMT

    Nodus Sector GMT

    The Nodus Sector GMT is the perfect travel partner, armed with a fourth hand to track two time zones in an intuitive manner. With a fast-set jumping-GMT hand, the Sector GMT is able to quickly move through time zones. Originally, “GMT” stood for Greenwich Mean Time, as British Naval fleets coordinated their on-board chronometers with Greenwich, London. Over time, the term…

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