• Valimor Kilgharrah Giveaway

    Valimor Kilgharrah Giveaway

    The new addition to Valimor’s impressive repertoire, and one that is just as captivating as you’d expect. Inspired by the iconic legend of King Arthur, its impressive 60-hour power reserve, high-precision, and automatic movement are obvious attractions. They are all packaged in one of the most beautiful, design-patented, hand-tooled timepieces, making it a unique and precise timepiece…

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  • Houtman Murchison Series

    Houtman Murchison Series

    The Houtman Murchison Series; featuring bold, brushed and lumed markers, a striking brushed dial and bold hands. All models within the Murchison Series feature a superb 40mm brushed and polished case, Swiss made automatic movement, sapphire crystal and a stunning finish and feel. Bold without being brash, super comfortable on the wrist, it’s a sure thing!

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  • Ugly Watch Co Rista Marka

    Ugly Watch Co Rista Marka

    The Ugly Watch Company Rista Marka is inspired by a number of classic and modern styles, bits and pieces from pilot watches and divers, right up to extravagant luxury timepieces. Ugly Watch Company call this beautifully engraved model the “Rista Marka”, named from Old Norse language meaning Marked Beauty or Beauty Mark as we prefer.

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  • Égard Poseidon

    Égard Poseidon

    Manufacturer: Égard Watches | Price: $550 USD (£415 GBP, €495 EUR approx) For quite a few months I’ve seen more and more of these engraved bracelets and watches pop up on social media, so I thought it was about time I got one in for review. I asked Égard Watches […]

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