SYE MOT1ON Chronograph

Manufacturer: SYE Watches | Price: £560 GBP ($795 USD) If I’m honest, I’ve never really been much of a fan of chronographs, no matter what movement is used, or whatever complications are shown, as they’ve always been something that I’d never ever actually use in general day to day life. […]

MTK New York

Manufacturer: MTK Watches | Price: from $299 USD (£219 GBP, €239 EUR) Checking back through all my emails, I’ve actually been chatting with Gregory at MTK Watches for just under a total of 12 months. Ever since I saw (I can’t remember where) the initial drawings and mock ups of […]

Radcliffe Haxel

Manufacturer: Radcliffe Watches | Price: £249 GBP ($315 USD, €275 EUR) I was contacted by Radcliffe just a few weeks ago, asking if I’d like to review their new chrono. As per usual, I asked some initial questions regarding the watch and when I first saw the images, price and […]

TSAO Constellation

Manufacturer: TSAO Baltimore | Price: $350 USD (£265 GBP, €305 EUR (approx)) I originally heard of TSAO Baltimore back in 2018, 12 months after they were founded. Their first watch, I’m led to believe, was their Founders Edition dress style watch and very nice it looks too. I’ve tried to […]

Vescari Chestor

Manufacturer: Vescari | Price: $220 USD (£165 GBP, €199 EUR approx) I was contacted by Vescari just before Christmas, asking if I would like to review their chronograph. As per usual, I requested a link to their website and asked some initial questions regarding the watch. When I first seen […]

Tockr Air Defender

Manufacturer: Tockr | Price: $1,850 USD (€1,655 EUR, £1,425 GBP approx) When I first seen images way back when, of the Tockr Air Defender I thought to myself, I really have to reach out and see if they’ll send me one for review. I initially asked for one of those […]

Vintro Le Mans 1952

Manufacturer: Vintro Watches | Price: €479 EUR ($529 USD, £425 GBP approx) Since the beginning of the post-war period, chronographs have not only been designed for military purposes, but also for motorsport. During those days, many classic designs were created that are still timeless today and make many collectors’ weak […]

Laco Hockenheim

Manufacturer: Laco | Price: €1,990 EUR (£1,800 GBP approx) As most of my regular readers know, I generally review microbrands or watches that are atleast under £1,000. When Laco said they were going to send me a Hockenheim Automatic Chronograph to review I thought, “Yes! now let’s see how the […]

Nezumi Studios Corbeau

Manufacturer: Nezumi Studios | Price: £310 GBP ($375 USD, €335 EUR approx) Nezumi Studios is one of those microbrands that you’ve probably never even heard of, until now! I only accidently stumbled upon Nezumi Studios whilst browsing YouTube for watch reviews and after watching the review I decided to reach […]