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  • Borealis Adraga v2

    Borealis Adraga v2

    Manufacturer: Borealis | Price: $450 USD (£319 GBP) I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a white Borealis Adraga ever since the v1 was released. I tried to purchase one from Borealis directly back in the day, but I was just too late, as all the pre-order slots were […]

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  • Relio Solstice

    Relio Solstice

    Manufacturer: Relio Watches | Price: from $375 USD (£285 GBP, €315 EUR) Well, it’s yet another find on Instagram with this one. I hadn’t even heard of Relio Watches before, so I decided to do some research before reaching out to the brand. As it turns out, the brand is […]

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