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  • Werenbach Soyuz 02 RAW II

    Werenbach Soyuz 02 RAW II

    Manufacturer: Werenbach | Price: $1,599 USD (£1,165 GBP (price includes optional bracelet)) Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a thing about rockets, mainly down to the fact of just how bloody complicated the whole rocket engineering this is. Never mind the absolute fuckin’ bat shit crazy lunatics […]

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  • Werenbach Leonov

    Werenbach Leonov

    Manufacturer: Werenbach | Price: from €945 EUR (£859 GBP, $1,060 USD) Before I start this review, let it be known that this review will be slightly different to my normal reviews. This watch isn’t the usual diver, sports or field watch and it certainly isn’t a friggin’ dress watch either. […]

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