• RZE Valour 38

    RZE Valour 38

    The RZE Valour 38 Titanium Field Watch – Coming in at a miniscule 57g in full grade 2 titanium, with RZE’s proprietary UltraHex™ hardnes coating, giving up to 1200Hv on the Vickers scale. Is this the ultimate field watch? A true, perfectly sized tool watch that any member of the Armed Forces would be more than happy to have strapped to their wrist. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

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  • VanBanner PM 2.0 Refresh

    VanBanner PM 2.0 Refresh

    This VanBanner PM 2.0 is the refreshed 2nd generation of VanBanner’s Parking Master series. It is a 200m water resistant watch equipped with a countdown bezel designed for tracking parking time. The red and orange lume on the bezel are another key feature. Equipped with a Miyota 9039 4Hz movement, sapphire crystal in a compact 40mm case with a lug to lug of under 48mm…

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  • Werenbach Soyuz 02 RAW II

    Werenbach Soyuz 02 RAW II

    Manufacturer: Werenbach | Price: $1,599 USD (£1,165 GBP (price includes optional bracelet)) Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a thing about rockets, mainly down to the fact of just how bloody complicated the whole rocket engineering this is. Never mind the absolute fuckin’ bat shit crazy lunatics […]

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  • VARIO 1918 Trench

    VARIO 1918 Trench

    Manufacturer: VARIO | Price: £220 GBP ($295 USD, €245 EUR) Having been in the Army (Infantry) myself for 12 years, I had an instant connection with the VARIO 1918 Trench Watch as soon as I clapped my eyes on it. It’s not that I’m anywhere near old enough to have […]

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  • Atticus Icarus

    Atticus Icarus

    Manufacturer: Atticus Watches | Price: $675 USD (Pre-Order: approx $400) As highly anticipated watch releases go, the Icarus from Atticus Watches has got to be right up there for me. I first heard about this pilot watch at the tail end of 2019. Rusty, the owner, was planning to have […]

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  • Vesuviate Doppio

    Vesuviate Doppio

    Manufacturer: Vesuviate Watches | Price: from $399 USD (£315 GBP, €345 EUR) I was contacted by the owner of Vesuviate a few weeks ago, asking if I’d like to review their new watch, that is soon to be launched on Kickstarter. After asking to see some images and the proposed […]

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