Sports Watch

  • Retter 22 Sports

    Retter 22 Sports

    Taking cues from Jorg Hysek and Vacheron’s iconic 222, the 22 is Retter Watches’ first foray into traditional Swiss watchmaking. Brightly lumed indices, diamond-cut hands, integrated bracelet and 200m of water resistance, all in an elegant and slender profile. Designed in New York. Built with form and function in mind, these dials feature tedious radial brushing and beadblasting techniques…

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  • Traska Venturer GMT

    Traska Venturer GMT

    An increasingly interconnected world demands resilience, sophistication, and the ability to navigate multiple challenges at once. Thanks to an independently adjustable hour hand, you can quickly adapt to a new timezone the moment you land on the runway. And with an additional hour hand circling around the dial once every 24 hours, keeping track of the time at home has never been…

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  • Nodus Sector GMT

    Nodus Sector GMT

    The Nodus Sector GMT is the perfect travel partner, armed with a fourth hand to track two time zones in an intuitive manner. With a fast-set jumping-GMT hand, the Sector GMT is able to quickly move through time zones. Originally, “GMT” stood for Greenwich Mean Time, as British Naval fleets coordinated their on-board chronometers with Greenwich, London. Over time, the term…

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  • Pedral Monument

    Pedral Monument

    Pedral’s unique approach blends minimalist Swedish design principles with eclectic influences from various cultures and eras. This distinctive and vibrant style sets the brand apart from the competition. Adhering to the “form follows function” philosophy, Pedral ensures that each timepiece is as impeccably crafted as it is visually stunning.

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  • HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    HOLMR Epifarer Dual Timer

    Inspired by the popular RLG Atlanticus Diver, the HOLMR Epifarer inherited the characteristic inner bezel design, yet refreshing it with a new purpose. Due to popular demand, we have implemented a 12-hour bezel to celebrate RLG’s followers’ love for travel. The inner bezel allows the Epifarer to track two separate time zones so that you can keep track of time wherever you go.

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  • Unison Orbital

    Unison Orbital

    The Unison Orbital sports watch is definitely worthy of being described as a “conversation starter timepiece”, with its very unique dial kicking things off, the Orbital truly is a ‘spec-monster’, being powered by the very reliable Miyota 9-Series 4Hz movement, constructed with 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal and a fantastic application of BGW9 lume. Every single one of these…

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