Sports Watch

  • VanBanner AO Sports

    VanBanner AO Sports

    The VanBanner AO Sports Watch – The absolute bargain of 2022! Powered by the excellent smooth sweep Miyota 9039 4Hz movement. The VBAO also ticks all the specification boxes, with a double domed sapphire crystal with inner AR coatings, 100m of water resistance, a solid 316L stainless steel bracelet, with screw pins and a fully milled clasp, all for around £200.

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  • Ugly Watch Co Rista Marka

    Ugly Watch Co Rista Marka

    The Ugly Watch Company Rista Marka is inspired by a number of classic and modern styles, bits and pieces from pilot watches and divers, right up to extravagant luxury timepieces. Ugly Watch Company call this beautifully engraved model the “Rista Marka”, named from Old Norse language meaning Marked Beauty or Beauty Mark as we prefer.

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  • Charlie Paris GR Automatic

    Charlie Paris GR Automatic

    GR® means “Great Hiking” and is a trademark filed by the French Federation of Hiking, with whom Charlie Paris have established a partnership. So that you can walk serenely 8,500 passionate volunteer wirsters activate all year round, GPS, brush or grinder in hands. Creation, maintenance, markup. The wiring of the fraign are the 1st ramparts of protection of a living and fragile network…

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  • Pedral Artefact

    Pedral Artefact

    The Pedral Artefact – Is it a dress watch, is it a sports watch? Either way, it is totally unique! This Swiss Made offering from Pedral Watches does not only have outstanding finishing and build quality, it’s the attention to detail that really sets it apart from the competition.

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  • Héron Gladiateur

    Héron Gladiateur

    Héron is proud to introduce a new model: the Gladiateur MMLXV. Designed in Montreal, the Gladiateur is the fruit of an intensive creative process that lasted over a year. Powered by the Miyota 9039 automatic movement and available in 4 colorways, the Gladiateur is now ready to take on the world.

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  • Borealis Sintra

    Borealis Sintra

    Elegant and understated, the Borealis Sintra stainless steel watch isn’t just for telling time. It is a luxury timepiece that will surely impress. It comes with either a Japanese made Miyota 9015 or 90S5 automatic movement.

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