Direnzo DRZ04 Mondial

Manufacturer: Direnzo Watches | Price: from 599 CHF (£465 GBP, $645 USD) My last review was of the Nine Four Successor, a sports watch with a similar aesthetic (from a distance) to this DRZ04 Mondial from Direnzo Watches. That’s as far as the similarities go though with these two, as […]

Second Hour Mandala

Manufacturer: Second Hour | Price: from $425 USD (£315 GBP, €349 EUR) I’ve been in regular contact with Peter Sargison, the owner of Second Hour, since way before the company had even produced their first watch, the Gin Clear Diver. I remember getting one in at the tail end of […]

Melbourne Burnley

Manufacturer: Melbourne Watch Company | Price: $850 AUD (£475 GBP, $600 USD) I’ve been aware of Melbourne Watch Company for quite some time now. However, none of their previous models were really my cup of tea. Until now that is, with their release of the Burnley sports watch. Is it […]

Vario Empire

Manufacturer: Vario | Price: £299 GBP ($365 USD, €340 EUR (Approx)) I’ve been in contact with Ivan and Judy, the owners of Vario for quite some time now. I actually have quite a few straps here that Judy sent me over to review. I will be reviewing the straps once […]

Visitor Linden

Manufacturer: Visitor Watch Co. | Price: $580 USD (£465 GBP, €520 EUR (+ VAT)) I chat to quite a number of watch reviewers on pretty much a daily basis. Mike, who writes for The Time Bum, shared one of his articles in our Instagram group and I think my initial […]

Feynman One Eclipse

Manufacturer: Feynman Timekeepers | Price: $955 USD (£830 GBP, €895 EUR (approx)) I was contacted by Feynman a few weeks ago, to originally see if I could review their upcoming Feynman Cove compressor diver. I said yes, as I’m always open to review dive/sports watches, especially those with a unique […]

Vescari Chestor

Manufacturer: Vescari | Price: $220 USD (£165 GBP, €199 EUR approx) I was contacted by Vescari just before Christmas, asking if I would like to review their chronograph. As per usual, I requested a link to their website and asked some initial questions regarding the watch. When I first seen […]

Γ‰gard Poseidon

Manufacturer: Égard Watches | Price: $550 USD (£415 GBP, €495 EUR approx) For quite a few months I’ve seen more and more of these engraved bracelets and watches pop up on social media, so I thought it was about time I got one in for review. I asked Égard Watches […]

Formex Essence

Manufacturer: Formex | Price: from £710 GBP ($945 USD, €849 EUR approx) I’ve had my eye on the Formex Essence for quite some time after seeing the initial pics that Formex released quite a few months ago. I reached out to them, probably too early as I think the Essence […]

Badger Islander

Manufacturer: Badger Watches | Price: $620 USD (£470 GBP, €560 EUR approx) I recently stated in my review of the Titoni Cosmo that I should start reviewing more dress watches. Well, here we have yet another dress watch, this time by Badger Watches, named the Islander. The first time I […]

Roebuck Diviso

Manufacturer: Roebuck Watch Co | Price: $600 USD (£460 GBP, €540 EUR approx) Recently I’ve been more drawn to sports watches rather than my usual genre of divers. I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that sports watches are generally quite thinner than your average diver. I can’t […]

Titoni Cosmo

Manufacturer: Titoni | Price: £695 GBP ($899 USD, €815 EUR approx) The Cosmo from Titoni is not the usual style of watch that I would review. In fact, I think I’ve only ever reviewed just a small handful of dress watches. However, I reached out to Titoni, as I really […]