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  • Feynman One Snowflake

    Feynman One Snowflake

    The Feynman One Snowflake features a white guilloche dial with dark accents, it is a standard release with a small batch of limited productions. Feynman Timekeepers was founded in 2018 by Yong Keong Lim (YK) in Singapore. The word Feynman is derived from the name of YK’s elder son Feynman Lin. Feynman Timekeepers works with a collective of collectors and artisans…

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  • Charlie Paris GR Automatic

    Charlie Paris GR Automatic

    GR® means “Great Hiking” and is a trademark filed by the French Federation of Hiking, with whom Charlie Paris have established a partnership. So that you can walk serenely 8,500 passionate volunteer wirsters activate all year round, GPS, brush or grinder in hands. Creation, maintenance, markup. The wiring of the fraign are the 1st ramparts of protection of a living and fragile network…

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  • Fleddermann von Rieste Münchner

    Fleddermann von Rieste Münchner

    Fleddermann von Rieste is proud to present the Münchner, a watch inspired by the Bavarian capital with an independent streak as strong as its economic might. The residents of Munich have long enjoyed a harmonious existence with their surroundings, and take every opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty in and around their city…

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  • Oliver Green Arbor

    Oliver Green Arbor

    Oliver Green is a unisex watch brand made for the quality conscious buyer. All watches are designed in our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and produced with the best materials possible. Arbor is a modern take on timeless sophistication, featuring a classic chronograph function and distinctive lines, ideal for the laid back city-dweller.

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  • Héron Gladiateur

    Héron Gladiateur

    Héron is proud to introduce a new model: the Gladiateur MMLXV. Designed in Montreal, the Gladiateur is the fruit of an intensive creative process that lasted over a year. Powered by the Miyota 9039 automatic movement and available in 4 colorways, the Gladiateur is now ready to take on the world.

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  • Direnzo DRZ04 Mondial

    Direnzo DRZ04 Mondial

    Manufacturer: Direnzo Watches | Price: from 599 CHF (£465 GBP, $645 USD) My last review was of the Nine Four Successor, a sports watch with a similar aesthetic (from a distance) to this DRZ04 Mondial from Direnzo Watches. That’s as far as the similarities go though with these two, as […]

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