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  • Clemence Munro

    Clemence Munro

    The Clemence Munro captures the essence of a true field watch – perfectly balanced, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. The journey began two years ago with rigorous design, prototyping and testing in the Scottish Highlands. The result? The Munro, is Clemence Watches 37.5mm vision of the perfect field watch. A contoured 9.25mm case blends seamlessly with the wrist…

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  • Circula ProTrail

    Circula ProTrail

    The Circula ProTrail is a true field watch, robust, functional, with high-quality equipment and finishing. The carefully hand-sandblasted stainless steel case is antimagnetic up to 80,000 A/m and protects the precise Swiss movement inside. Sapphire glass and a special surface treatment of the case ensure maximum scratch resistance. It was jointly developed with over 6,500 votes…

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  • Dryden Heartlander

    Dryden Heartlander

    The Dryden Heartlander Field Watch is a classic timepiece that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Powered by the trusty Miyota 9015 (6H date) or 9039 (no-date) movement, this watch is tough enough to handle any adventure you might throws its way. With its stylish good looks and durable construction, the Dryden Heartlander is sure to make your day – every day.

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  • RZE Valour 38

    RZE Valour 38

    The RZE Valour 38 Titanium Field Watch – Coming in at a miniscule 57g in full grade 2 titanium, with RZE’s proprietary UltraHex™ hardnes coating, giving up to 1200Hv on the Vickers scale. Is this the ultimate field watch? A true, perfectly sized tool watch that any member of the Armed Forces would be more than happy to have strapped to their wrist. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

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  • 96Zero Field

    96Zero Field

    Field watches were designed for soldiers to wear during the world wars, as they became a valuable alternative to pocket watches. They took on this name based on how they were used. The name evolved into field watches to show how the watch could be used by a wide range of people.

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  • Tool Watch Co Arctic Field

    Tool Watch Co Arctic Field

    The Arctic Field is a 38mm titanium, field-style watch for men and women. The choice of the natural meteorite dial represents Greenlands Hiawatha Glacier – the first meteorite impact crater ever discovered under Earths ice sheets. We use Grade-A Swiss Super-Luminova on our signature hour and minute hands, Arctic hunting-tool seconds hand, and dial indices for low light legibility…

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