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  • RZE Resolute Pro

    RZE Resolute Pro

    Introducing the RZE Resolute Pro; the most refined iteration of RZE’s titanium field watch that started it all. Crafted from ultra-durable, lightweight titanium, beautifully brushed and coated with their proprietary UltraHex coating. The Resolute Pro features an upgraded bracelet with ‘on-the-fly’ micro adjustment and a breathtaking enamel dial. Adding interest and depth, you’ll be mesmerized…

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  • RZE Endeavour 2023

    RZE Endeavour 2023

    Designed for the serious diver (desk or deep), the Endeavour is crafted from solid UltraHex™ coated titanium, and built to withstand the toughest conditions. Reliable, versatile and incredibly lightweight, it’s the ideal watch for the everyday adventurer. Available on a titanium bracelet, featuring a new buckle allowing for “on-the-fly” adjustments or a premium Hexa-Flex strap, for those gritty…

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  • RZE Aspirare

    RZE Aspirare

    For those who aspire to dive deeper, climb higher, and go further, we’re inspired to go bigger, so we’re introducing RZE’s largest tool watch to date, the Aspirare. Featuring a 44mm case crafted from solid UltraHex™ titanium, sapphire crystal and a premium Miyota movement beating 28,800 times per hour. The Aspirare is designed and precision engineered to endure the hard use of the toughest…

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  • RZE Ascentus GMT

    RZE Ascentus GMT

    Ready for your adventures through a thermocline or the international dateline, the RZE Ascentus GMT pairs the ability to track three time zones with all the features of a rugged dive watch. To ensure maximum comfort while you traverse borders and boundaries, RZE have paired it with the most comfortable titanium bracelet ever – the new Hex-Link.

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  • RZE Valour 38

    RZE Valour 38

    The RZE Valour 38 Titanium Field Watch – Coming in at a miniscule 57g in full grade 2 titanium, with RZE’s proprietary UltraHex™ hardnes coating, giving up to 1200Hv on the Vickers scale. Is this the ultimate field watch? A true, perfectly sized tool watch that any member of the Armed Forces would be more than happy to have strapped to their wrist. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

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  • RZE Resolute SuperCompressor

    RZE Resolute SuperCompressor

    The RZE Resolute SuperCompressor is a durable and lightweight titanium timepiece with an accurate high-beat movement. The water-resistant supercompressor construction grants you peace of mind during dives, making it your faithful companion for years to come.

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