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  • Marc & Sons Elegance

    Marc & Sons Elegance

    Manufacturer: Marc & Sons | Price: €680 EUR (£610 GBP, $805 USD) I’ve had Marc & Sons on my radar for quite some time now, and although I’ve never actually got round to getting one in for review, whether it be one of their professional divers, or something a little […]

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  • Traska Freediver

    Traska Freediver

    Manufacturer: Traska Watches | Price: $375 USD (€340 EUR, £295 GBP approx) I initially reviewed the Traska Freediver way back in February 2019 when I first purchased the watch along with when I first made the descision to start writing watch reviews. Looking back, the Traska Freediver was actually the […]

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  • Dificiano Marlin

    Dificiano Marlin

    Manufacturer: Dificiano Watches | Price: $319 USD (€290 EUR, £260 GBP approx) I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a Dificiano Marlin for quite some time. I remember seeing this sports diver before their Kickstarter campaign started, but I never really paid much attention. However, after reading a […]

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  • HKEd Emperor

    HKEd Emperor

    Manufacturer: HKEd Watches | Price: $385 USD (£315 GBP, €345 EUR approx) Anyone who likes watches and considers themselves to have even a hint of enthusiasm would have heard of There have been various limited edition watches over the years with input from WuS forum members, including this one […]

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  • EMG/HKEd Nemo Diver

    EMG/HKEd Nemo Diver

    Manufacturer: EMG Watches | Price: $450 USD (£345 GBP, €400 EUR approx) Introducing the EMG/HKED Nemo Diver. A vintage style automatic diver’s watch. The Nemo brings together high quality components, great build quality and a classic vintage style from the 1960’s. Available in six different colour options. Specifications Dimensions: Case […]

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