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  • Traska Freediver Gen 5

    Traska Freediver Gen 5

    Five years of constant development bring the Freediver to its fifth and final iteration. While it may look similar to Gen. 4 at a quick glance, closer inspection reveals a symphony of aesthetic and functionality improvements that close the loop on a design vision that has impelled TRASKA from day one. A new locking mechanism enhances bracelet security, while the now fully CNC-machined…

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  • Traska Venturer

    Traska Venturer

    An increasingly interconnected world demands resilience, sophistication, and the ability to navigate multiple challenges at once. With the novel use of an internal rotating bezel operated by a second crown at the 10 hour position, the Traska Venturer makes it easy to display two time zones simultaneously. Ruggedly endowed with 150 meters of water resistance and the scratch-resistant…

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  • Traska Freediver III

    Traska Freediver III

    Manufacturer: Traska | Price: from $525 USD (£385 GBP, €430 EUR) Here we are at just a few days into the new year and we already have a new release from Traska, in the form of an updated version of one of my favourite models, the Freediver. I have owned […]

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  • Traska Summiteer

    Traska Summiteer

    Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $500 USD (£415 GBP, €460 EUR (Approx)) I recently reviewed the Traska Freediver II, an absolutely outstanding dive watch for the money, with a fit & finish you’d expect from a watch priced at 3 times as much. I actually bought one for my own collection […]

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  • Traska Freediver II

    Traska Freediver II

    Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $375 USD (£305 GBP, €345 EUR (Approx)) There’s no question or doubt in my mind that I’m a big fan of Traska watches. I bought their original Freediver and reviewed it quite some time ago, where it received an absolutely glowing review. On the basis of […]

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  • Traska Freediver

    Traska Freediver

    Manufacturer: Traska Watches | Price: $375 USD (€340 EUR, £295 GBP approx) I initially reviewed the Traska Freediver way back in February 2019 when I first purchased the watch along with when I first made the descision to start writing watch reviews. Looking back, the Traska Freediver was actually the […]

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