Traska Interview

Company: Traska | Founder & Owner: Jon Mack | Website: Kicking things off in 2021, I’ve been planning this new series of articles for a while, where I interview the owners of various microbrands, with questions from members of the watch community. What better company to start with, than […]

Traska Freediver III

Manufacturer: Traska | Price: from $525 USD (£385 GBP, €430 EUR) Here we are at just a few days into the new year and we already have a new release from Traska, in the form of an updated version of one of my favourite models, the Freediver. I have owned […]

Traska Summiteer

Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $500 USD (£415 GBP, €460 EUR (Approx)) I recently reviewed the Traska Freediver II, an absolutely outstanding dive watch for the money, with a fit & finish you’d expect from a watch priced at 3 times as much. I actually bought one for my own collection […]

Traska Freediver II

Manufacturer: Traska | Price: $375 USD (£305 GBP, €345 EUR (Approx)) There’s no question or doubt in my mind that I’m a big fan of Traska watches. I bought their original Freediver and reviewed it quite some time ago, where it received an absolutely glowing review. On the basis of […]

Traska Freediver

Manufacturer: Traska Watches | Price: $375 USD (€340 EUR, £295 GBP approx) I initially reviewed the Traska Freediver way back in February 2019 when I first purchased the watch along with when I first made the descision to start writing watch reviews. Looking back, the Traska Freediver was actually the […]