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    Zaltek Reviews Giveaway Will Duncan Editor, Zaltek Reviews Instagram Youtube Facebook Twitter  Please subscribe to Zaltek Reviews YouTube Channel, as well as following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to join our Facebook group WatchChat, a very busy & active community for both watch enthusiasts and collectors alike, […]

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  • Zelos Swordfish Ti

    Zelos Swordfish Ti

    Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: from $369 USD (£279 GBP, €310 EUR) If you look through my back catalogue, you might have noticed that I’ve reviewed more Zelos watches than pretty much any other brand. This is for good reason too, they’re friggin’ awesome! FYI, I have zero intention of […]

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  • Zelos Swordfish 40

    Zelos Swordfish 40

    Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: from $269 USD (£205 GBP, €225 EUR) I’ve owned many colourways and finishes of the Zelos Swordfish over the years, from the v1 to v2 versions, as well as in both materials, stainless steel and bronze. I reckon that should more than qualify me to […]

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  • Zelos Horizons GMT v2

    Zelos Horizons GMT v2

    Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: from $749 USD (£615 GBP, €689 EUR) I reviewed the first version of the Zelos Horizons GMT way back in Spring of last year and although it was a prototype that I received, I still thought it was a superb offering from Zelos. Even if […]

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  • Zelos Hammerhead II

    Zelos Hammerhead II

    Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: from $449 USD (£369 GBP, €415 EUR) One of the most popular Zelos line of watches since the company began in 2014 are the Hammerhead divers. I haven’t personally owned one, as I always thought they were aimed at a different corner of the market, […]

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  • Axios Ironclad

    Axios Ironclad

    Manufacturer: Axios Watches | Price: $549 USD (£440 GBP, €505 EUR) Today, I’ll be introducing the first watch from a new microbrand, Axios. You might be thinking, oh, for fucks sake… here we go again, yet another start up that’s made another dive watch using a sub style case. Well, […]

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