Articles by: Travis Mickel

  • Lewis Thomson, NAMO Watches

    Lewis Thomson, NAMO Watches

    My name is Lewis and I am the founder of NAMO watches. I’ve had a love for watches for as long as I can remember. In 2019 I had the urge to start my own brand, so I came up with a couple of designs and it all started from there. I have now been working on my brand, NAMO, for 3 years…

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  • Auscar Tan, Ikigai Watches

    Auscar Tan, Ikigai Watches

    Auscar Tan Interview, Ikigai Watches

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  • Izzy Alsafa, Foliot Watches

    Izzy Alsafa, Foliot Watches

    Brand: Foliot Watches | Owner: Izzy Alsafa Can you please provide a bio to you and your company, as you’d like to be introduced? 1. How did you first get into making watches?I have been fascinated by watches since I was a child. I am not a big collector as […]

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  • Christian Schjøll, Nautage Watches

    Christian Schjøll, Nautage Watches

    Brand: Nautage Watches | Owner: Christian Schjøll & Allan Junge-Jensen Nautage is a Danish-owned family business consisting of Allan Junge Jensen and Christian Schjøll. 2 brothers who in 2019 decided to create a Danish watch brand with a view to design, price and quality at the highest level. A brand […]

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  • Landon Aune, Ugly Watch Co.

    Landon Aune, Ugly Watch Co.

    Landon Aune Interview, Ugly Watch Company

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  • Michael Pearson, Zodiac Watches

    Michael Pearson, Zodiac Watches

    Brand: Zodiac Watches | Michael Pearson, Brand Director Good Morning! Thanks so much for the questions. My name is Michael Pearson and I’m the Global Brand Director for Zodiac Watches. I’m an Englishman who has spent the majority of my adult life living in the US, whilst working within the […]

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