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  • NTH Barracuda

    NTH Barracuda

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: $700 USD (£495 GBP) If you take a look through my previous reviews, you might notice that the brand I’ve reviewed more than any other is NTH. From their 2K1 Thresher, the DevilRay, as well as a few of my favourites from the NTH Sub […]

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  • NTH 2K1 Thresher

    NTH 2K1 Thresher

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: $725 USD (£555 GBP, €615 EUR) I’ve done quite a fair amount of NTH Watch Reviews over the last couple of years and yet I always still find it rather exciting when a new NTH timepiece lands on my desk. I’ve always been a fan […]

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  • NTH DevilRay

    NTH DevilRay

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: $525 USD (£495 GBP, €559 EUR) Before I start this review, I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Craig Hood, a good friend of mine, a fellow Scotsman, as well as a regular reader of Zaltek Reviews. He sent me his brand […]

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  • NTH Näcken

    NTH Näcken

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: $650 USD (£520 GBP, €575 EUR) When I first started Zaltek Reviews back in 2018, it was only out of my pure fascination of mechanical watches that I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of different models from various watch brands. I started of […]

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  • NTH Tikuna

    NTH Tikuna

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: $650 USD (£520 GBP, €575 EUR) After hearing so many good things about NTH Watches over the last few years, I finally went ahead and pulled the trigger on one in the Summer of 2019, a black NTH Odin with date. I’m pretty sure however, […]

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  • NTH Odin

    NTH Odin

    Manufacturer: NTH Watches | Price: €669 EUR (£610 GBP approx) I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a NTH Odin for a while. So much so, I got extremely impatient and just bought one. Then what do you know, a friggin review sample turns up. Ah well… it’s […]

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