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  • RZE Resolute Ti

    RZE Resolute Ti

    Manufacturer: RZE Watches | Price: from $359 USD (£265 GBP, €295 EUR) Me being the complete cockwomble that I am, I actually had one of these original Reise Resolute’s in arctic grey, well before the company changed their name to RZE Watches. At the time, I was totally overwhelmed with review […]

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  • Zelos Swordfish Ti

    Zelos Swordfish Ti

    Manufacturer: Zelos Watches | Price: from $369 USD (£279 GBP, €310 EUR) If you look through my back catalogue, you might have noticed that I’ve reviewed more Zelos watches than pretty much any other brand. This is for good reason too, they’re friggin’ awesome! FYI, I have zero intention of […]

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  • Hamtun Kraken H2

    Hamtun Kraken H2

    Manufacturer: Hamtun | Price: £299 GBP ($375 USD, €345 EUR (approx)) As I stated a couple of months ago, I’ve had Hamtun Watches on my radar for absolutely ages! I originally backed their campaign on Kickstarter back in March of last year for the Kraken H2, right up until the […]

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  • BOLDR Venture

    BOLDR Venture

    Manufacturer: BOLDR Supply Co | Price: $299 USD (£230 GBP, €275 EUR approx) I’ve always been a fan of BOLDR Supply Co and their watch designs, although I’ve never actually had the opportunity to have one on wrist, until now. I’ve been wanting to review one for such a long […]

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  • Victorinox Titanium INOX

    Victorinox Titanium INOX

    Manufacturer: Victorinox | Price: £649 GBP ($780 USD, €699 EUR approx) Intrepid and rugged, the Victorinox I.N.O.X. Pro Titanium Diver has underwater adventure in its horological genes. Put simply, it’s natural home is the big blue. Meet the titanium version – the strongest incarnation of the I.N.O.X. yet. Crafted from […]

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